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Welcome to the Computer Services Centre


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CSC has commissioned ownCloud, a file and document sharing utility similar to the popular dropbox, for use by the IITD community. The utility supports storing and sharing of files, images, music and documents, contacts, calendar, tasks etc. It also supports version control and syncing with Windows/Linux/Mac desktops and Android and iOS based devices. Please see owncloud features page for details. Currently all users have 1GB of available storage. This facility is independent of the home spaces and CIFS shares.

The facility is available at (with online documentation) from both within and outside IITD.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 16 July 2013 13:03

Calendar server

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The Davical based calendar server crashed due to some inconsistencies in upstream package distribution is the source repository and we have not been able to restore the calendar server. The calendar entries are lost (and yes, we are ashamed).

CSC has now decided to shift to the ownCloud calendar server, which is also based on the caldav protocol. The Roundcube webmail interface has been reconfigured to work with ownCloud

Users will need to login to ownCloud ( and create a calendar called defaultcalendar (unless it already exists) to be able to access it from the Roundcube webmail interface. Users can add/configure other calendars in Roundcube from Settings -> Caldav Settings.

Please see the help after logging in to ownCloud ( on how to configure other calendar clients to work with the ownCloud calendar server. Apple (Mac/iPad/iPhone) users can use the mobileconfig utility available at

Last Updated on Wednesday, 27 November 2013 15:57

Download server

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CSC has comissioned a new server,, to facilitate research downloads through non-standard ports. Internet services can be accessed on all ports from this machine and all accesses and downloads will be logged. Users can request for access to this service here. Requests from students and contract staff will need to be approved by their supervisors.

Last Updated on Friday, 17 May 2019 15:47


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It is an interactive platform for numerical computation and data visualization, which along with its programming capabilities provides a very useful tool for almost all areas of Science and Engineering.

Current Version:  R2018b

We have campus license agreement with MATLAB. 

 Users can install network based licenses (10,000 licenses for all toolboxes), or standalone individual licenses.

For Operating Systems : Windows, Linux, and Mac(64-Bit ) (see system requirement)

 For details, see



Contact us : Dr. Ram Lal, Computer Services Centre, Phone No : 7274

Email Id :

Last Updated on Thursday, 10 January 2019 14:33


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IITD has become a part of Eduroam, a global Wifi roaming programme across academic campuses, through ERNET, India

Any faculty, staff or student of IITD visiting an academic instituion which is a member of the Eduroam programme anywhere in the world may have unlimited internet access by connecting their laptop or other mobile devices through the secure WiFi SSID called EDUROAM.  They will be authenticated by the WiFi authentication server at IITD.

In a reciprocal arrangement, any academic visitor to IITD from a partner academic institution will be able to connect to our campus-wide WiFi using the EDUROAM SSID and will have unrestricted internet access. They will be authenticated by their home institutions.

EDUROAM is available at several thousand locations in over 60 countries.

All members from IITD can connect to the EDUROAM SSID using the login uid@IITD.AC.IN and their IITD Kerberos password. They have to set their laptop/mobile to use IEEE 802.1x WPA2 Enterprise based encryption for authentication and use the EAP methods EAP-TTLS or EAP-PEAP with MsChapv2 as the inner-tunnel method. Please see IITD Campus Wifi for configuration details. The same settings will work from any EDUROAM enabled location in the world.

Mac, iPhone and iPad users can use the mobileconfig utility available at the CSC website to configure their devices for EDUROAM.

IITD users connected thrugh EDUROAM from within IITD will still have to use the IITD Proxy servers.

Last Updated on Friday, 18 October 2013 12:41

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