OpenVPN setup for Windows (Win7)

Thursday, 09 December 2010 13:10 Naresh Kalra

Installing openvpn software on Windows 7 opertaing system:

1. Download openvpn-…exe for windows on your desktop, The following Icon appears:





2. Double click the "openvpn-2..." icon to start installation

3. Click "Run"

4. Click "Next"

5. Click "I Agree"

6. Click "Next"

7. Click "Install"

8. Click "Continue Anyway"

9. Click "Next"

10. Click "Finish". "OpenVPN GUI" Icon appears on your Desktop.

11. Download "yourID.crt", "yourID.key", Pre-shared server key "ta.key", client configuration file "client.ovpn" and IITD CA certificate "CCIITD_CA.crt" from CSC website to "C:\Progam Files\OpenVPN\config" directory.

12. Right click "OpenVPN GUI" Icon and choose "Run as":

13. Supply the Administror Username and Password  & Click "OK".

14. Two computer "OpenVPN" Icon appears in Red Color in your System Tray.

15. To make VPN Connection, right click "OpenVPN" Icon and Coose "Connect"

16.  Supply Username, Password, and Click "OK"

16. The screen scrolls and vanishes on successful "VPN Connection". Color of "OpenVPN" Icon in Sytem Tray changes to Green.

17. To use Internet through IITD Intranet, change your browser proxy of the "ISP Connection" to ""

18. To disconnect the VPN, right click the "OpenVPN" Icon and Choose "Disconnect".

19. The color of "OpenVPN" Icon changes to Red.

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