Basic setup for using IITD IT resources

Wednesday, 28 September 2011 18:57 Subhashis Banerjee

To get started with using the IT resources at IIT Delhi, please follow the following basic steps. For other details please refer to this site - most things can be found under Resources.

Installation of IITD CA Certificate

Click on

Download the New IITD CA Certificate and save it on your Desktop. 

Double click on the saved file and follow the on-screen instructions to install it system wide. Please verify the MD5 and the SHA1 fingerprints of the certificate given on before installing.

Standalone applications like Firefox will require separate installation of the certificate. For Firefox, click on the link New IITD CA Certificate from the Firefox browser and answer as follows:

You have been asked to trust a new Certificate Authority (CA).
Do you want to trust "CA Cert Signing Authority" for the following purposes?
[x] Trust this CA to identify web sites.
[x] Trust this CA to identify email users.
[x] Trust this CA to identify software developers.
Before trusting this CA for any purpose, you should examine its certificate
and its policy and procedures (if available).
[VIEW] Examine CA certificate

For other standalone applications, consult the application specific documentation.

Change password

You can change your password from the site You have to login using your old password.

Accessing Email

Point your browser to to use IITD's webmail facility. This is pretty much zero configuration except that you have to set your identity (Name and email address) correctly at the first login.

For details regarding configuring other email clients, and other details regarding the IITD email system please see

Internet access

IITD requires every user to use a proxy server for internet access. To configure your browser to use the proxy server you have to

  1. Find out your category. This can be found out from your ldap profile by logging in at
  2. Configure your browser to use the automatic proxy configuration URL  as where category has to be replaced by your category determined at the previous step. Details can be found at
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