IITD IT usage policy



IIT Delhi IT infrastructure usage Policy

In its endeavour to provide all faculty, students and staff with a modern, fully networked computing and IT environment for academic use. The Deans Committee in its meeting on December 16, 2016, has decided on the following IITD IT infrastructure usage Policy.

Users of IITD computing, networking and IT facilities are expected to abide by the following rules, which are intended to preserve the utility and flexibility of the system, protect the privacy and work of students and faculty, and preserve our right to access the international networks to which the system is connected. In case of complaints, appropriate action to be taken will be decided and taken by the person in-charge of the facility in consultation with the Director, Deputy Director's or the Dean of Students as appropriate.

  1. Faculty, staff, and students with authorized accounts may use the computing and IT facilities for academic purposes, official Institute business, and for personal purposes so long as such use

    • does not violate any law, Institute policy or IT act of the Government of India.
    • does not interfere with the performance of Institute duties or work of an academic nature (as judged by the IITD Director).
    • does not result in commercial gain or private profit other than that allowed by the Institute (through IRD or FITT).
  2. Users are expected to respect the privacy of other users and they must not allow any other person to use their password or share their account. It is the users' responsibility to protect their account from unauthorized use by changing passwords periodically and using passwords that are not easily guessed. Sharing of passwords for any purpose whatsoever is strictly prohibited. Users may share the required files through owncloud or other  sharing software with proper access control.

  3. Users should excercise care while entering their passwords at other non-trusted sites and should not be misled by purported emails from admin or other id's. Please verify the sender DKIM signature before trusting such emails. (see Digital signing of emails)

  4. Any attempt to circumvent system security, guess others’ passwords, or in any way gain unauthorized access to local or network resources is forbidden. Users may not use another person's computing account, attempt to forge an account identity, or use a false account or e-mail address.

  5. Transferring copyrighted materials to or from the IITD systems without express consent of the owner is a violation of international law. In addition, use of the internet for commercial gain or profit is not allowed from an educational site. If done so, it will be sole responsibility of the user. Downloading of copyrighted movies/books/games via torrent's or other means is traceable and students are warned that on receipt of any complaints appropriates fines (minimum Rs 1500) and in case of repeated violation further disciplinary action will be taken.

  6. Downloading and installing of new software has to be done with the explicit consent of the respective facility in-charges. Installation of unlicensed software on IITD facilities, or on individual machines connected to the IITD network, is strictly prohibited.

  7. Setting up of any facility requiring password transmission over clear text is prohibited without TLS/SSL encryption. If IITD credential check is needed for any authorized purpose, the concerned administrators may contact CSC for oauth2 access for their application.

  8. To the extent possible, users are expected to use only their official email addresses provided by IIT Delhi for official communications with other members of the Institute. Any complaints/requests to CSC must be made using your authorized email id otherwise we will not be able to verify your identity. In case for some reason you are not able to access your CSC email then you may write to us from your registered alternate mail id with us.

  9. It is forbidden to use electronic mail and other network communications facilities to harass, offend, or annoy other users of the network, including impeding their computing systems, software, or data. It is also forbidden to send emails or messages masquerading as another person or to hide the sender's identity. Chain letters are not allowed. Neither is any form of commercial advertising, or soliciting allowed. Spamming is strictly disallowed. Subscribing to mailing lists outside the Institute is an individual’s responsibility. Subscribing someone else to any group outside IIT Delhi is illegal.

  10. Users are encouraged to use the newsgroup facilities available in CSC. It is forbidden to send frivolous or academically unimportant messages to any group. Broadcast of messages to everyone in the system is allowed only for academic purposes and emergencies. Violations of this (as decided by concerned authorities) will result in immediate freezing of user's account for an extended period as determined by the authorities.

  11. Shared email accounts for any purpose whatsoever are not allowed. Any special accounts, if need to be set up for conferences and other valid reasons as determined by the institute authorities, must have a single responsible user. In certain cases IITD admin accounts may be shared with one secretary but the administrator remains responsible for all usage of the account.

  12. Recreational downloads and peer to peer connections for recreational purposes are banned.

  13. To the extent possible, users are expected to connect only to the official IITD WiFi network for wireless access. Setting up of unsecured WiFI systems on the IITD network is prohibited in accordance with a Government of India ban.

  14. Users are expected to take proper care of equipment, and are expected to report any malfunction to the staff on duty or to the in-charge of the facility. Users should not attempt to move, repair, reconfigure, modify, or attach external devices to the systems.

  15. NO FOOD OR DRINK is permitted in the CSC laboratories. Smoking is strictly prohibited. Also making noise either through games/ music or even talking and/ or singing loudly is prohibited.

  16. Playing of Games in Institute laboratories or using Institute facilities is strictly prohibited. 

  17. Display of offensive material (either on computer screens or through posters etc.) is strictly disallowed and serious action will be taken against offenders.

  18. Violations of policy will be treated as academic misconduct, misdemeanor, or indiscipline as appropriate. Depending upon the nature of the violation, HOD, CSC may take an action by issuing a warning through disabling the account and for routine infractions, appropiates fines/penalties as determined by the Institute IT Discipline committee appointed by the Director or his nominee will be levied. In case of repeat offenders or other extreme cases the user may be prohibited access to IT facilities at IITD, and/ or other appropriate action as determined by Institute authorities.

  19. The policy may change as and when it is considered appropriate and new policies or the changes in policy will take effect immediately after a brief announcement by any means, e-mail, printed notices, or through the news groups.

  20. hods@admin and admin_heads@admin accounts can be accessed by one assistant. The hods and admin_heads will remain responsible for fair and legal usage of these accounts.  

  21. IITD is providing GPON ont's in faculty/staff homes and certain other locations. Proper care fo this equipment is essential. Users are advised to log in and configure their SSID & Wifi Password to prevent misuse.

  22. Faculty members and designated staff can directly create user accounts for guests/visitors. Those who create these accounts are responsible for verifying the identity and information of the guest user.

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